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 Slika US safety goggles, REVISON, with cover, used

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US safety goggles, REVISON, with cover, used

SKU: 625749

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The Desert Locust combines the best ballistic protection with optimal facial and helmet fit, balancing the soldier’s need for comfort with well-sealed eye protection. The high performance OcuMax Plus® coating prevents fogging and scratching to ensure clear vision while the optically correct goggle lens is engineered to maximize field-of-view and provide unprecedented visual clarity.

High-Impact Protection – One-piece, optical grade polycarbonate lens shields eyes from unexpected fragments 

CLEAR VISION – High performance OcuMax® Plus coating protects against fogging and scratching. Top & lateral forced air vents provide constant airflow. Filtration media prevents small particle entry 

FIELD-OF-VIEW – Widest field-of-view to enhance war fighting capabilities 

DURABILITY – Superior anti-scratch hard coating; designed for use in extreme climatic conditions. Resists a wide variety of chemicals 

COMFORT & FIT – Lightweight and comfortable, the Desert Locust is ideal for both tactical operations and extended-use missions. Pliable frame material and strapping system seals the face while maximizing facial comfort 

COMPATIBILITY – Low profile design ensures compatibility with helmet, binoculars and night vision systems 

ADJUSTABILITY – Adjustable strapping system fits over the helmet, or on head under hat 

UV PROTECTION – 100% protection from harmful UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays. Optically correct lenses can be interchanged quickly for various light conditions

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